Indemnity for 1 day is now a reality!

At IC Amanat, we have made another breakthrough in the quality service.

The payment department in collaboration with the emergency commissioner shortens the evaluation and indemnity period to 1 business day!

While the project was launched in Almaty. But after testing, it will be scaled to all branches of the IC Amanat.

How can this happen:

1. All emergency commissioners had special training.

2. When coming for the accident, the emergency commissioner makes photo fixation.

3. Within 3 hours from the arrival of the emergency commissioner to the place of the accident, we invite the client for indemnification.

4. The client, after performing all the necessary procedures for the accident, goes to our office, gets acquainted with the assessment and receives money in any convenient way.

It is obvious that in case of an accident there may be inherent vices. In such cases, we just make additional assessment and additional payment for inherent vices.

Now there only limitations with daylight hours and business hours. But here we will figure it out).

The situation with an accident is solved by us maximum comfortable for the client:

• We will come and offer you some beverages for cheerfulness of the spirit.

• If necessary, we will call the vehicle carrier for your car.

• You just inform and a taxi for your companions will be provided.

• We will copy all necessary documents.

• We will take the court decision by ourselves, so as not to take your time.

• We will indemnify within a business day to recover your car (this service is currently available in Almaty).

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