Amanat Insurance company was founded on 24 July 1997.

We are 23 years old – a wonderful age! We are still full of energy and plans, nevertheless we have accumulated a great experience and earned a good reputation in the market.

How we have achieved it? There are two principles we are committed to.

The first one is "To exceed your expectations!"

Every day we put effort on becoming better so you might be pleasantly surprised with the level of our service. What exactly?

We try to perform work as fast as possible.

We save your troubles: Just call 7310 and Amanat emergency officer settles a motor accident without you being involved, and he collects all papers due from you.

We listen to you more carefully than you might expect:

You should send any proposals and remarks via our website and the answer won’t be long in coming!

We are always closer than you think:

Amanat is represented in all major cities of Kazakhstan.

The second principle - we love our work.

We try to hire an employee who likes eager to help people in complicated situations, ready to find solutions when it seems no solution can be found.

Are we successful? No boasting, but:

in 2020 we served 136,000 clients;

5,813 claims were paid for the amount of 2,6 billion tenge.

You can trust us:

International Fitch Ratings assigned to IC Amanat on 28 April 2020 - "B+" rating, financial strength rating on a national scale is "BB+(kaz)".

You will feel safe with us:

We have over 60 reinsurance partners around the world - these are the biggest international reinsurers. Annually we buy a reliable reinsurance program for protection of Amanat major property risk.

Yours Amanat!


Our objective is to stay leaders by service rate and settling of insurance payments. You thought about it - we've acted upon it! Simply speaking we learn to be magicians of the insurance market.

customer focus

We constantly put ourselves in clients’ shoes to be more critical of our performance. This helps have a vision of what an insurance company should be like so that we would want to be its and only its clients.

So always and everywhere we work in a way to exceed to your expectations.

Thoughtfulness and sensitivity are major qualities which are the base of our work and team communication.

We are together in the Amanat Insurance Company to create and change the world around us to the better. That is why we love our work and are proud of our company!

The core of our philosophy is always put ourselves in clients’ shoes. What does it mean for us? It helps us to understand how much you may like our service and through this create the best conditions for you.