Motor insurance
Motor insurance

Motor Insurance

Companies using transport for commercial purpose always have to face risks. Frequent use, bad roads, congested streets and high probability of a road accident – any of these factors may be a reason for breakdown of your company’s cars both temporary or permanent. This leads to loss of time and money.

We will minimize consequences of possible negative events that may happen to your cars. We have a range of motor transport insurance packages for companies.

You can apply for compulsory motor vehicle owner liability and / or choose a relevant voluntary Casco insurance at Amanat Insurance.

We will provide you with insurance of passenger cars and specialized industrial-purpose vehicles and will select an insurance package at terms that are suitable for you.

At Amanat Insurance you can get coverage from such risks as:

  • Road accident;
  • Motor transport theft;
  • Illegal actions of third parties;
  • Falling objects, rollover, collision with an motionless or moving objects;
  • Fire, explosion, natural disasters, strong wind;
  • Brief sinking of your motor transport and other risks.

In case of the onset of the event insured, we will:

  • Indemnify you within 4 days
  • In case of necessity, deliver 5 liters of petrol, charge your battery and pump your wheels.
  • In case of a road accident, we will send you an emergency officer who will register the event insured, help you by calling the road police and get you a free taxi / tow truck.

Good luck on the road!