Household insurance policy
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Insurance of real estate

Household insurance policy

An apartment or a private residence is our home and a roof over the head. At the same time, real estate is both a profitable investment and an income-producing asset. To buy housing, we often save up for many years, but you can lose everything in an instant, as a result of an emergency: floods, earthquakes, gas explosion in the house and so on. In such cases real estate insurance will help to protect the owner. Of course, you can just live and hope that this will not happen to you, but the property insurance contract is better assistance.

Insurance company Amanat provides insurance services for housing in Kazakhstan. Our specialists will advise you on all issues and will help you to quickly conclude an insurance contract in the shortest possible time.

Insurance of real estate from Amanat Insurance Company

We offer our clients the most favorable conditions of cooperation:

  • You can insure property against natural disasters (mudflow, earthquake, flood), accidents (flooding, fire) and actions of third parties (theft, arson).
  • If your property is damaged by a fire, you will receive compensation regardless of whether the fire safety rules were observed in the premises.
  • When the company's specialists determine the amount of payments, they do not calculate the depreciation fee.
  • In addition, you can issue a civil liability policy that covers the damage unintentionally caused to neighbors (their health, life or property). This is especially true for those clients who live in apartments of multi-storey houses. You cannot always warn, for example, a tap leak.

Cost of property insurance

Prices depend on the following criteria: the type of real estate (house or apartment), the year of its construction, materials used (brick, wood, etc.) and market value. If you want to insure an apartment, you can calculate the price of the policy on our website online. To do this, click the button "Make an insurance policy" and fill in a small form. Also you can contact a specialist of the company on the phone number +7 727 244 33 44.


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