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Travel insurance

Travel policy

It is important to stay calm!

When you buy a package tour you count upon unforgettable impressions. Of course, pleasant ones. As all we know on exotic beaches we should expect to see not only exotic fruits, but no less exotic microbes. A travel on scooter on a left-hand road is as extreme as alpine skiing. It is easy to lose your private documents during your vacation.

That's why insuring your travel abroad is necessary! We usually see this procedure as a simple formality. But in the very deed such insurance ensures a safe rest without excessive troubles.

You should keep in your mind: Insurance should be obtained before going abroad

Insurance company Amanat has accumulated a significant experience and foreseen various situations that clients can face overseas. Extended insurance package includes expenditures related to loss of luggage, documents, trip interruption or cancellation as well as expenditures for ambulatory and hospital treatment, transportation to the nearest hospital, and in case of unsuccessful treatment – expenditures for medical evacuation home.

We take upon ourselves your contingency risks during your travel to any country of the world. Believe our experience and have a nice rest.


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